Spray Tanning Tomball, TX

get bronzed.

signature tan

  • Custom blended based on your natural skin tone & desired look.

    Rinse in 2-8 hours.

    *All tans Include rapid-rinse solutions, PH-balancing primer, and drying powder.

hydration tan

  • A custom blended tan with added hydration. Our most popular tan!

    Rinse in 2-8 hours.

    Includes a hyaluronic acid additive and full-body moisturizing spray.

Memberships & Packages

package of three
hydration tans

  • 3 Hydration Tans (Value of $174)

    10% off all retail products


$25 /monthly
  • You’ll pay a $25 membership fee each month, then:

    50% off ALL sunless services for the month

    10% off all retail products

package of three
signature tans

  • 3 Signature Tans (Value of $150)

    10% off all retail products
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